Monday, March 31, 2014

Words and Dreams and a Giveaway of The Witch of Belladonna Bay!

That quote, "Mermaids don't drown", is from my newest novel, The Witch of Belladonna Bay which  hits shelves on May 13th. I'm terrified, and honored, and excited... and a little overwhelmed by everything. I have another novel, Empire Girls, hitting shelves on May 27th and a book tour that begins in June.

There are so many things I didn't expect when I entered the world of traditional publishing.

One of the things I never considered, (which is strange as I am a reader who underlines and highlights EVERYTHING), was that there would be readers who would enjoy certain quotes from my books. I can't quite explain the pure, raw, emotion I feel whenever I visit a book club and the lovely group asks about specific passages from the novels. It makes my soul soar. And sore. How I love words.

People quoting words I've written falls under the category of "Hidden Dreams of my Soul Revealed" And "Heaven, Stay."

So, as part of the gear up to the release of The Witch of Belladonna Bay, I thought about WORDS. Because, of course.

So here's how this goes....

1.  Leave a comment here, or wherever this is posted on FB or Twitter, that includes a quote from The Witch of Little Italy (released last year). No worries if you don't have a copy, there are excerpts online, as well as quotes that delicious readers have posted on the internet that you can grab! I guess this is where we could write..."No purchase necessary..."

2. Feel free to share this giveaway, though it is NOT required.

3. On Friday, 4/4/14, 11:59 pm EST I will close the contest and put all the names of those of you who commented with a quote into a random pick generator. Got to love technology, right?

4. On Saturday I will announce the winner, contact you personally, and send you a copy of The Witch of Belladonna Bay! You get to be a "First Read" reader.

That's it! So, here you go. Comment and share away.  NOTE: I am not limiting the amount of comments per person, so... yeah, the more you throw your name into the hat, the better your chances with that random generator.

I hope you enjoy this giveaway, and I look forward to posting more as the release date draws ever closer. YIKES!

XO ~ Suzy


  1. As you know very well, Suzanne, I so resonated with The Witch of Little Italy for SOOOO many reasons. I even blogged about it here:

    People can read my quotes directky from the column and why I felt so connected to the book. It still sends chills EVERY time I consider all the connection I shared to the book.

  2. Well I loved THE WITCH OF LITTLE ITALY and I opened up my copy to find some good quotes and honestly all it did was make me want to read it again!

    "The rocking chair-Let me call you sweetheart, I'm in love, with, you...Carmen rocked and sang to baby Eleanor. She could feet the love pour out. The sweet satisfaction of chubby hands wrapped in silky hair..." (13). loved how there was such love tied to the rocking chair and how Carmen passed it down to Eleanor :)

  3. Two on page 288, but I will post the second one first since it goes with my earlier quote :D

    "Don't let go of her. Not for one second. Hold her tight. Rock her when her eyes are open. Tell her how much we all love her" goosebumps!

    "Elly was seeing herself for the first time. Strong, wild, and powerful. An Amore. A Green."

    Laura Kay

  4. This quote is all so true...

    "I knew you were going to come back for her. Saw it years and years ago. Sour souls can't give up. They aren't strong enough to say good-bye." (247).

  5. "You wished yourself invisible and so became invisible." (188)

    1. Laura, your input here means so much to me!

  6. I loved The Witch of Little Italy. It was the first book that I happened upon that had adult sized magic in it. Since then, I can't stay away from that genre.

    “Regular people have such a hard time listening to the low hum of instinct.”

  7. “You. You are standing in your own way. And that means whatever it is scares you. It won't forever...but take your time. Nothing good was ever rushed.”

  8. "Quietly, one step in front of the other, she walked as if she were on a balance beam. One block. Almost there, the porch within arms reach, the water waiting for her. She'd be a mermaid soon."

    1. Oh, Liza! You would pick one of my own favorites! From one of my favorite chapters. Thank you for that. XOXOXOX

  9. "Love should never be a secret and it should never, ever be forgotten." I adore this book! I can't wait for The Witch of Belladonna Bay!

    1. And I can't wait for you to read The Witch of Belladonna Bay! Thank you for taking the time to enter. Really. XO

  10. "Itsy waited for the final, suffocating pain, but it didn't come. Instead she saw Henry in his uniform..." Pg 257 because Itsy never stopped loving Henry. *sob*

  11. and also...
    "Oh, death. Such a nuisance really. Just another thing to do." Pg 300

  12. “But Mimi, it can be changed. You can change that kind of future. It all stems from you.”

  13. Loved this book ๐Ÿ’š
    Pg: 137
    "Life gets heavy," she told us, "like hot summer nights. At first you toss and turn, but slowly you learn that if you keep very, very still your body can capture a random breeze that latches on to you and cools you for a moment. Infinite and blissful, your body soars to greet it and holds onto it, but it leaves. And that's love. "That's what love does."

    1. I can remember exactly where I was when I wrote that, Donna!

  14. There are so many great quotes!!

    Okay, picking one: p. 59

    "And she let us know, very early on, that though love spells existed, they should never be used. You don't manipulate such powerful things. You simply must understand their secrets.

    She taught us the secret of love under the shade of the fiery red maple on a glorious October afternoon. The kind where the sun is still warm but the sky spreads out impossibly blue and hinting at winter."

    LOVE the imagery here!

    And here's one that is true, and everyone should take note of this:

    "...If a woman loves too much--if her love is heavier--she won't see anything but him. She'll be blind to the world. Women are made like that. We have to teach ourselves not to become obsessed. True love lies in peace, not torture."

    And lastly:

    "Sometimes it's the smallest secrets that hold the most hope, the most fun, and the most danger."


  15. Eep, just saw that we can comment as many times as we want!

    More quotes to love:

    p. 20

    "Eleanor wished there were a hundred ways to say her name. She thought, maybe, if her name was howled from all the corners of the world, in a million different voices, that she might explode into a cloud of snow. Light and separate, her parts floating down onto the world in a series of beautiful crystalline moments."

  16. p.5

    "The Sight helped us through our darkest days, and our magic gardens made our lives wild like rambling roses. But our roses had thorns."

  17. Oh, heck. I'm in for one more. "...Loss has consequences until it is found."

  18. Suzanne:

    The Witch of Little Italy "hooked" me the moment I saw its cover at Monte Cristo. Chris, the shop owner, highly recommended it. So a few nights ago, I curled up with a cup of my own tea blend and seeped myself in the book's magic. I am still amazed at the synchronicity that flowed from its pages.

    You see; my maternal grandmother was of Scots-Irish descent, mostly the Orkney Isles, Highlands, and Northern Ireland. She was an awesome nurse and taught me about plants - both wild and cultivated. She had an amazing connection with the land - a certain of "seeing" that she supposedly passed to me. Rumors abound in my family that these "gifts" come down in the blood.

    Like Elly, I was involved in a physically abusive relationship in my late 20s. I can write about that time now without flinching, though I still have my moments.

    My favorite quote from The Witch of Little Italy, on page 113:

    "All it meant was that there was a certain knowledge we had...a separate sort of looking through time and space that could help or hurt those around us. We knew what to grow and when to grow it. More importantly, we knew what to do with what we grew. And we called that a witch's garden. Like this one. It is true - we could see things...the past and future in a clearer way than most. But I think they called us witches because there were things we did, things they simply couldn't or wouldn't understand."

    1. I had to re-read that comment a few times. Wow!

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  19. BIG :) HERE,,, BIG :),, RECKON?

  20. And the winner of a signed copy of The Witch of Belladonna Bay is..... Alicia Marie Lavoi! Email me your info, Alicia-Marie!