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The first step to a flawless, moisturized, clear complexion. Essence to smoothen the signs of Skin Desertification?

Skin brightening all skin type day/night


Gives moisture and clarity to the skin by smoothing the signs of Skin Desertification?

AMORE PACIFIC R&D Center conducted research on various skin concerns including skin dryness, stiffening, dead skin cells, and rough skin texture - targeting 129 Korean women and defining it as Skin Desertification?. This product is a functional essence that provides moisture to the skin and makes the skin complexion clear and flawless.

*Result of a related test conducted by AMOREPACIFIC R&D Center; targeting Korean women aged 26 ~ 55 (129 subjects in all, from Aug. to Sep. 2015)

Skin becoming radiant with Eight Skin Activators

Contains Eight Skin Activators by Cell-Bio Fluid Sync? 2.0 provides deep nourishment to both improve the skin condition and create healthy-looking skin.

Cell-Bio Fluid Sync? 2.0

Cell-Bio Fluid Sync?, a body fluid-mimicking solution containing five skin activators, has been reinvented and upgraded as Cell-Bio Fluid Sync? 2.0 with eight skin activators that deliver a clear, flawless complexion with a healthy-looking glow.

Rapidly absorbing. Milky-white first-step essence

Contains essential nourishment to hydrate all skin types without leaving a sticky residue on the skin with its fast-absorbing texture. This essence is designed to be used in the first step of skincare routine after washing the face to increase the absorption of the next skincare products.


- Take 2.5ml of CELL ESSENCE (recommended amount) on your hands or a cotton pad after washing the face in the morning and at night. To apply it using your hands, sprinkle the essence on your hands and spread over the face. Gently pat it onto the face with your fingertips.

- To apply it using a cotton pad, hold the cotton pad between your fingers by wrapping it around the middle finger and gently sweep and pat the face with it, working from the inside outward.
*Recommended amount: 2.5ml (enough to drench 1/3 of the cotton pad).

Special tips [Cell Pumping technique]

In the morning

- Gently pat onto the face using your fingertips to awaken the skin.

At night

- Use Facial Care Cotton to thoroughly and carefully apply it all over the face.

  1. Hold the Facial Care Cotton pad in a diamond shape and wrap around the middle finger. Sprinkle 2.5ml (recommended amount) of the essence onto the pad.
  2. Gently sweep over and pat onto the face working from the center outward until it is fully absorbed.
  3. Take extra care of the skin around the eyes, both sides of the nose and around the lips using the tip of the cotton pad.
  4. For gentler care, use the wave-patterned side of the cotton. For exfoliating, use the mesh-patterned side to remove dead skin cells and dirt.


Incredible change in only four weeks

Double Effect Facial Cotton to boost the effect

  • Wave patterned side : Gently sweep over the face to tone and smoothen the skin.
  • Mesh patterned side : Helps to effectively remove a buildup of dead skin cells and dirt.

Shelf Life

Marked on the bottle


  1. Keep the product in a cool place at 10–30oC away from direct sunlight.


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