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With her confidence and boundless enthusiasm for beauty, the beautiful Korean woman, namely Seoulista, captivates the world

New beauty icon, SEOULISTA

The beauty standard has changed over time but there have always been a beauty icon, ideal of the time. SEOULISTA is a new beauty icon to fascinate the whole world, joining the pantheon of Parisienne, New Yorker and Londoner who have inspired women over the ages.

SEOULISTA resembles dynamic Seoul. She is the muse that embodies HERA’s Exceptional Beauty from Seoul and represents the special and unique beauty of Korean women. Enthralled by K-beauty, the world now sees K-beauty leader, HERA and SEOULISTA growing into a beauty icon representing Asian women.

Exceptional Beauty and her special beauty

SEOULISTA is attractive. She is woman of unique style and brilliant sense of beauty. She is trendy but not trendoid. She creates her own beauty style. She has elegant charisma and respects the value of the inner beauty.

SEOULISTA is professional. Be more beautiful today than yesterday, more tomorrow than today. She leads every day with healthy energy, passion, and fearless of changing herself. Her life revolves around herself. She makes every decision, all by herself and never loses her confidence and dignity.